Brand Identity

Every company needs to be presented in the best way to its actual and potential clients. Keeping this in mind, Iceberg Communication has designed and implemented the brand of some companies.

Biotechnology,  Arpachem and Estelite one of the most innovative dental centers in Tirana, have been some of the clients, that trusted us with their brand concept and development. We have worked in close collaboration with them to build a brand that reflects the company’s philosophy and values. Our services also included branding of stationary, vehicles, business cards, design and production of their logo as well as their promotional materials.

RisiAlbania, an innovative project supported by the Government of Switzerland, is also another example of our brand identity and brand building expertise. Our work reflects the project’s mission –providing more employment opportunities for young women and men in Albania in a socially inclusive and sustainable way– in the branding and design of all the promotional materials.

Iceberg Communication has developed also the visual identity of the program Reconomy, which in partnership with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation is leading a regional inclusive economic development program in 12 countries in Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans.

Kantina Arbëri has been also one of our most loyal clients since 2003 when they trusted us with the creation of their brand. Since that time we have designed and produced all their labels, packages and promotional materials.